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See our Personal Training Packages where our trainers help you get in shape!

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We are passionate about helping you achieve your success in your fitness journey. Whether you want a more hands on approach and need the help or you want a more hands off approach, we are here to provide you the help and equipment you need.


Gym Equipments

Tristan R.

Richard will pull you out of your comfort zone and produce real results on a one to one level. Inventive and creative training methods that keep you on the path to the better you!

Gym Equipments

Frances M.

A1 Fitness Studio is a place where you feel like you are part of a team. Richard is a trainer with experience and who cares and that's what sets this studio apart from the the rest.

Gym Equipments

Sandra K.

All you have to do is show up, have a willingness to work and you will see the difference. Everyone you meet there is very supportive.

We offer more than just a gym membership or personal training...

Cool Sculpting

Freezing the fat and helping sculpt your body to the way you desire.

Measuring Waist

Laser Fat Removal

Alternative methods of Fat Removals to assist you on your fitness hourney.


Body Contouring

Reshaping the parts of your body you are not satisfied with.

Body Massage


Post-Op BBL and Lymphatic Massages to help you after your procedure.